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  • White Ice

    The White Ice Silver & Diamond Collection features STYLISH PIECES and TIMELESS CLASSICS to mix and match with line favorites in Silver and Diamond or accented with mother of pearl, pink and blue topaz and diamonds of color.

  • White Night

    OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT! The White Night® Collection now offers the Sparkle of Day and the Elegance of Night. This EXPANDED COLLECTION of more than 2,200 STYLES of pendants, earrings and rings proves that opposites really do attract! Blue and Champagne Diamonds added to the extensive Black and White Diamond collection now captures all the shades of the sun setting into the hues of evening with a mixture of CONTEMPORARY flair, playful designs and the ELEGANCE of TRADITIONAL styling.

  • Shey Couture

    SOPHISTICATION and STYLE emerge as a result of combining Sterling Silver, bright vivid Gemstones and Diamonds with 14K Accents or Gold-plating. The SHEY COUTURE® fashion jewelry collection targets the CLASSIC WOMAN with its BOLD DESIGNS that can be mixed and matched to enhance any ensemble. The collection includes Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Earrings.

  • Chisel for Men

    The size and range of styling in the Chisel® CONTEMPORARY METALS Collection for Men is continually being expanded to provide an assortment of ALL THE LATEST sought after MODERN STYLES in jewelry along with some traditional favorites. The enhanced selection of Men’s fashion and pieces with leather accents gives Chisel® a leading edge in contemporary metals